“Once again, thanks for the effort you have put into my return.” I. B.

“That is very impressive, thank you for such a quality report and analysis of the trust, distributions and tax.” G. B.

“Thank you very much for the taxation advice regarding the sale of our business. G and I have read the advice and are confident we fully understand our position and we will ensure your recommendations are carried out.” B. P.

“I do appreciate the fact that you have taken the initiative to test/re-examine this somewhat complex area. Your well argued (and researched) email is correct. Again, thank you for taking the initiative in this matter.” G. C.

“Thank you for your time Paul today. It was great speaking to a customer centric accountant committed to working as a team.” C. I.

“I am writing to pass on my congratulations to you on 49 years of operation of St Clair partners. I am glad that I was a part of this achievement (all be it a small part).

During my time at St Clair’s I acquired amazing experience. This experience was vast and detailed and has made me a better person.” A. L.

“I feel I must write and say thank you for all your care and attention that you paid to J and me all those years ago. We certainly required your help.” J. S.

“Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done on this for me. I’m extremely grateful and relieved that it is all sorted and you were able to arrange remission of those interest charges.” H. K.

“I have never dealt with an accountant like you before who is so precise and caring like you.” J. R.

“Herewith, please find my cheque, covering your account which I send with gratitude for your assistance. Both P and I are most grateful for your generosity of time and self.” M. T.

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