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The process of business acquisition is one in which one business purchases another with the intention of creating a stronger single company. It’s a process that needs to be negotiated carefully, as it involves and affects a lot of people in both companies, from shareholders to clients and of course staff. When it’s done right and the greatest number of people can possibly benefit, the acquisition can be considered successful. But that often requires the expertise and knowledge of an experienced business acquisition consultant who can provide guidance in order for the transaction to go through smoothly. As one of Sydney’s premier merger and acquisition consulting firms, St Clair Partners can provide the necessary service and advice to ensure your next business acquisition is a success. There’s no better time than now to give us a call.

The Difference between a Merger and an Acquisition

Though most in the field refer to it as the ‘merger and acquisition process’, and many people use the terms merger and acquisition interchangeably, there is in fact a difference between the two.

A business merger is essentially the marriage of two companies of equal or near equal standing with the intention of creating a single new joint entity. A business acquisition involves the takeover of a smaller or less financially viable company by a larger, stronger organisation.

Your St Clair Partners business acquisition consultant can advise you on which approach is the best for all involved parties.

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