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St Clair partners
ABN 59 087 517 889
Chartered Accountants, Tax Agents, Auditors including Superannuation Auditors & Business Advisers
Established 1970


John Stewart, Miller Partners
ABN 38 899 787 567
Chartered Accountants
Established 1919

In Touch With You
In business for yourself, you need to know about developments affecting you. We advise clients individually about changes, and how the changes affect their circumstances. Our objective is to be pro-active.

As well, we issue a newsletter to alert clients to changes, and to provide tips on business and personal financial management as well as interest up-dates from time to time.

For over 35 years, we have provided clients with The Financial Statement, a newsletter supplying advice on the latest tax news, as well as management and marketing tips, and other matters of which you should be aware.

The Financial Statement is written entirely by the Partners and Staff of St Clair partners, using authoritative sources from around the country.

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